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This past Tuesday I was fired from my job at Delta Airlines after a beautiful eight year career.

I was fired for politics, not performance.

Needless to say, my mind is spinning and I’m quite literally facing my worst fears.

As I sit to write this first blog, these are the thoughts running through my mind:

  1. How can I tell people what I stand for and all that I’ve done to fight for America?
  2. How can I let them know what I’ve been through as Lady Maga USA?
  3. How can I help people see past their immediate assumptions and know I’m a true patriot?
  4. Do they know I was attacked by ANTIFA and I’m on a hit list in Utah?
  5.   How the hell am I going to take on Delta Airlines?
  6.   I wonder if any of the violent threats I’ve received are real. Will they find me?
  7.   I wonder how many people know that I have to glue down my real eyebrows?
  8.   Why are carbs so delicious and raw vegetables so gross?

(Side note: Listen to my podcast, please. You’ll get all this info there…with compelling guests and topics)

Forgive me if I go somewhat astray. I haven’t slept well. Yesterday I put in 14 hours getting ready for CPAC, editing videos, and working on my website. I’m in a daze right now…dazed but not confused. Writing this is kind of therapeutic for me so let’s just go with the flow, shall we? Carbs….oh how I love carbs. Mac and cheese….pasta….sorry! Back to what’s important. (Not that pasta isn’t important).

We live in a world of tic tok and zero attention spans on social media.

I’d like to offer intelligent and in-depth writing that will engage you beyond attention-grabbing memes. My degree is in Mass Communication and journalism—I love to write.

Nobody reads anymore. Nobody writes. I do.

Sometimes I’ll just blog like I’m doing right now (on a plane to CPAC in Florida), other times I’ll write legit articles and maybe a chapter or two of the book I hope to publish one day. I’m not gonna obsess over typos or whatever (for now).

One of my greatest frustrations in doing what I do is that many assumptions are immediately made about me. People see one photo or a tweet and think they understand….they don’t.

Let’s talk about Delta. I was fired for allegedly violating their “social media policy,”  which is subjective and ridiculous. I was targeted for being a Gay Conservative Trump supporter. That’s basically it, and I can prove it. I never once mentioned Delta in my politics. Not once.

I must admit that I’m devastated. I loved my job.

I was hired as a flight attendant in 2013. It was a dream come true. I’ll never forget graduation when my Mom (God rest her soul) pinned my wings on my uniform.

I have always loved Delta. I loved my passengers. I always flew as “flight leader” and I treated every flight like a ride in Disneyland. It was a perfect fit for my personality.

But gradually my company started to change….then in March of 2020 a rapid descent into madness began (grab your oxygen mask!).

Our country was upside down. Covid 1984 began. Black Lives Matter was terrorizing cities across the nation. What did Delta do? They quickly morphed into a radical leftist company I didn’t recognize.

Suddenly we were receiving brainwashing “diversity and inclusion” training. Suddenly we were no longer allowed to say “Ladies and Gentlemen” in our announcements. Suddenly we were given Black Lives Matter pins to wear above our wings. Suddenly we were afraid of being reported by co-workers for “hidden bias and racism.” Suddenly they decided that skin color was going to be more important than qualifications (like a college degree) to get hired. Suddenly a divisive obsession with “racism” and “white privilege” dominated every company newsletter.

They are just like Coca-Cola (“be less white”).

And don’t get me started on their nazi-like mask policies and enforcement. Wow. Their current safety video even has the flight attendant wearing a mask. What the hell? If they’re giving you important safety information, wouldn’t it be helpful for passengers to see their mouth? Like for people who don’t speak English well? It’s not about the mask it’s about the message: YOU WILL OBEY. That video is probably like porn to Dr. Fauci. I bet he flies Delta…first class, no doubt.

Although my company became unrecognizable, I still loved my job. I loved to spoil my little old ladies on my flights. They were my favorite. I’d always flirt and call them gorgeous. On my very last trip there was a tiny little old lady with a hip injury and a cat. She was in a lot of pain. I took her extra snacks and checked on her throughout the flight. I babysat her kitty in the front galley.

As I helped her off of the plane into her wheelchair, she said, “I love you.” I said, “I love you too, sweetheart.” I gave her a hug. How nice that my last memory was with that sweet lady…

Can you see why it hurts to lose this career? I hope to find a side job where I can work with the elderly or maybe animals. I’m a caregiver at heart. I’ve always had lonely elderly friends in my life and I cherish my time with them…

I’m starting over. What are my plans? First and foremost, I’m going to continue my activism as Lady Maga USA and as President of Log Cabin Republicans Utah. But neither of those things pays…

For almost two years now I’ve dedicated 30+ hours a week to my activism. I was able to do this because of the flexibility of my job at Delta (you make your own schedule). I’ve attended over 40 rallies across the country, organized events, edited countless videos, regularly created pro-America and pro-Trump content on social media, worked to pass legislation, recorded my podcast, supported candidates, and more…

It’s broken my bank, put me in debt, and taken over my life. But that’s okay. I believe in what I’m doing and I know that God will reward me with new opportunities. In order to be able to continue I’ll have to figure out how to make my efforts financially sustainable. For starters, on this website, people can “subscribe” through PayPal and give me $10 a month. If enough people do this, I can cover basic expenses and dedicate ample time to saving America. For now I’ll make ends meet with another job like door dash or uber. Eventually I hope to have a job in journalism…

The light turbulence on the plane is putting me to sleep. I am also deprived of oxygen by wearing a Communist face diaper. Ridiculous torture. I’m surprised I was even able to write something coherent.

I hope you, dear reader, enjoyed this blog. I call my fans and followers “Magateers.”

God bless each of you who has believed in me and will stand with me going forward.

And God Bless America.

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