Why Lady Maga USA?


The Democrats think they own the entire LGBT community. Nope! I’m Lady Maga USA—a Patriot and a Drag Artist—and I refuse to give up the fight for freedom and our Constitution. I decided to join the America-first movement in drag to publicly show that anyone can be a patriot and to trigger the radical left.  I’ve dedicated my time, money and talents to fighting for America. Through events, video content, rallies, articles, my podcast, and social media I will continue standing up for Conservatives because we’re under attack on all fronts. 

Scroll through my photo gallery to see what I stand for. Enjoy! 

I was attacked by ANTIFA in San Francisco

MY NIGHTMARE IN NANCY PELOSI’S SH*THOLE Hello America. I’m Lady Maga USA.  I was attacked by Antifa domestic terrorists in San Francisco.  This is my story. Before I take you on a journey of insanity and turmoil into a dangerous third-world setting (San Francisco), a few words of introduction:  I’m an alpha male at heart.  […]


This past Tuesday I was fired from my job at Delta Airlines after a beautiful eight year career. I was fired for politics, not performance. Needless to say, my mind is spinning and I’m quite literally facing my worst fears. As I sit to write this first blog, these are the thoughts running through my […]

Let it Go! How Frozen Changed My Life

The story of Frozen and Frozen 2 have had major impacts on my life. As a kid, I was tormented because I was “different” and would get punished for “acting like a girl.” I felt like Elsa with her gloves on: “Conceal, don’t feel.” For a long time I was bitter and would lash out […]

Hold On For One More Day

  Depression is such a conundrum. This past week, due to being fired from Delta Airlines for my politics and facing complete and total loss, fear and uncertainty…I collapsed into a deep depression. I laid in bed and thought, “I can’t do this. I’m finished.” I made very bad choices when it came to health–eating […]

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