I love America! It’s that simple. America is the greatest country on earth and the greatest civilization in the history of the world. She has achieved more for the freedom of humanity than any other nation in history

As Lady Maga, my efforts are my way of serving my country. Some people join the Military, some people run for public office. I pondered how I could best serve the nation that has given me freedom and countless blessings, and I realized that my theatrical drag artistry was the most effective way I could personally promote freedom, patriotism, and inspire others to do the same.

My goal is to bring joy, laughter, fabulousness and fun to politics. We are a tragically divided nation, and so many of us are discouraged and losing hope. I want to bring people together and re-build hope.

But I have two primary challenges:

1.) Overcoming stereotypes perpetuated by Liberals.  I seek to prove that Conservatives and people who support President Trump are not bigots, homophobes, and racists. The leftist media portrays Conservatives as ignorant, hateful, and dangerous people. It simply isn’t true. I hope that as a Drag Queen I can open hearts and minds and defeat false conservative stereotypes.

2.) Overcoming stereotypes perpetuated by Conservatives. So many Conservatives are afraid of LGBT people because they see us as aggressive, angry, and scary. When they see a Pride parade or Pride event full of sexually explicit content in public—they’re appalled. When they see LGBT people spewing hatred toward straight men, especially straight white men, they feel threatened. Almost every time they see Drag Queens, they’re exposed to explicit sex jokes! The LGBT Community right now is filled with anger and intolerance (and ironically claim to promote these values). I hope to give Conservatives hope that even a Drag Queen can love America the way they do, and show them that not all Drag Queens are out to offend. And not all LGBT people are filled with anger and hatred!

Thomas Paine said:

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”

I agree with Mr. Paine. Am I taking a risk in putting myself out there? Am I risking hatred and backlash? The answer is absolutely yes. Before my launch, I had to research how to handle death threats. But I won’t let fear or threats stop me.

Do I sometimes feel exhausted and discouraged? Of course. But I think of the men and women who sacrifice greatly—soldiers, Military families, Police Officers—and I realize that my sacrifices pale in comparison. Nonetheless, I’m sacrificing my time and money to serve my country in my own way. I’ve worked harder on my efforts as Lady Maga than anything I’ve ever undertaken.

By now, if you’ve seen anything I’ve done, it’s obvious that I support President Trump. After all, I’m Lady Maga (Make America Great Again!). Is President Trump perfect? Far from it. But for anyone who questions why I support my President, I’d recommend reading the entirety of his State of the Union speeches. The Leftist media lies. They smear. They deceive. President Trump’s policies are helping all Americans and putting America first. We finally have a President that unapologetically stands up for our country around the globe. I know our President wants the success of all Americans—every race and creed. And the results of his policies prove this.

Oh, and umm… Melania? Perhaps the most fabulous first woman ever. YASSSS Melania!

So it’s like this: When you’re on an airplane, the flight attendants tell you to put on your own oxygen mask first, then help others. By saving your own life, you’re able to help others. The same principle applies to the United States. By being the best we can be—economically strong, safe, free and powerful—we can inspire and help the rest of the world.

American Capitalism has saved more lives across the globe than any other force in history. When people are financially incentivized through competition, the greatest products and inventions are created. Around the globe lives are saved every day through medical advances developed in the United States. Socialism does not incentivize anyone to achieve greatness.

My love for my country does not mean that I do not respect other nations. I love Mexico. I speak Spanish. I love France. I speak French. And I hope that Mexican people and French people also consider their countries the greatest on earth. Nothing wrong with that! Nationalism is not a bad word. It’s okay to love your country.

This is my first blog…I hope it gives you a glimpse into who I am and what I’m about.

My primary goal is to inspire Conservatives to no longer be afraid to speak out. Andy Ngo is a gay, Asian journalist who was attacked by Antifa and suffered blood hemorrhages. The Leftist media barely covered this, but Conservatives saw what happened. I know that attacks like this make people afraid to publicly share their Conservative views. Personally, I won’t wear my MAGA hat in a restaurant out of fear that people will spoil my food. Not okay!

If we join together—if we show the world who we truly are—we won’t have to be intimidated anymore. If more people see our true colors, the bigotry will diminish. The lies about us are what perpetuate the fear that prevents people from realizing who we are and results in hatred.

I want to show the world that wearing a MAGA hat is not a sign of hatred. But most Conservatives are afraid to do it. And that’s a tragedy in a country that’s founded on freedom of speech.

Let’s show the world who we are. Parents. Siblings. Artists. Volunteers. Teachers. Soldiers. Brothers. Sisters. Small business owners. Bartenders. Dentists. Doctors. Nurses. Gay. Transgender. Neighbors. Students. Bus drivers. Uber drivers. Hair stylists. Drag Queens. You get the idea. We are not the enemy the media portrays.

Together let’s start #ComingOutConservative. Make a video, share a post. Use the hashtag. You are not alone!

And if you are a Liberal reading this, please know that I fully support your right to free speech. I want you to be free to support your beliefs. Girl, say it: Go Bernie! Go Obama! Your voices matter. The marketplace of ideas is our greatest strength.

And, Go Hilary! Just kidding, Hilary is a crook.

But you get the idea….freedom of speech is freedom for all. Speech that is offensive or something with which we don’t agree is still IMPORTANT. I hope you’ll give me the freedom to be Lady Maga, the same way I support your freedom to do your thing, hunny.

Now I need to go work out. As the wise American philosopher Rupaul once said: