I regretfully must say that at this point and time, yes, I believe the “LGBT Community” is a cult. Not long ago, the Gays were a rational group who just wanted acceptance and basic rights, such as the right to get married.

But now…insanity prevails. Within the “LGBT Community” there’s no room for dissent. If one does not adhere to the following Leftist principles, you lose your LGBT card. If you say anything against these ideals, you’re sure to get in big trouble…


You must hate President Trump!
Trump is an evil homophobe!
Republicans are racists!
The LGBT Community is under attack!
The greatest threat to us is White, Christian men!
Socialism is the answer! Capitalism is bad!
Gender does not exist! There are endless genders!
We cant say “gay,” we must say LGBT! In fact, we have to say LGBTQIA+ or we’re not inclusive!
Speech we don’t like is hate speech!
White privilege entails being a racist even if you don’t think you’re racist!
Transgender children under 18 have the right to take life-altering hormones!
Parents who don’t allow their children to “transition” to another gender are abusive!
People who own guns are dangerous! Stop the NRA!
Anyone who questions the consequences of taking hormone therapy is transphobic!
Children as young as three know who they are and can change their gender!
America is founded on White supremacy!
The rainbow flag without a black and brown stripe is racist!
Not using someone’s “preferred pronouns” is dangerous and incites violence!
Places with no gender-neutral bathrooms are unsafe!
Questioning homophobia within Islam is Islamophobic!
Christianity is bad! Islam is a religion of peace not to be questioned!
The real terrorists are white Christians!
You cannot disagree with or attack the ideas of any person of color without being racist!
Anytime white people do anything that wasn’t created by white people it’s cultural appropriation!
Biological men who identify as women deserve to compete in women’s sports!
Salons who won’t wax a transgender woman’s testicles deserve to be shut down!
There’s nothing wrong with child drag queens performing in adult environments!
Men can have periods, too!

Need I go on? Any Gay person who is honest will admit that these dominant political ideas are untouchable within the LGBT Community.  If you disagree, you’re labeled with any number of debate-ending insults….usually starting with racist. Clearly, the “gay movement” is now a Leftist, well-oiled political machine that has little to do with the original goals of gay rights.

Let me share a story from within the LGBTQIA+ Cult…

Once upon a time, I was in a Pride Month drag show. I did my lip-sync number to Carrie Underwood songs, starting with Jesus Take the Wheel (I’m a Christian Drag Queen) and finishing with her rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. Before going on stage, I noticed something cult-like in the dressing room. There was a large poster that said: FU*K TRUMP.

I knew in that moment that if I were to share my political views, I would have been unwelcome. I realized that if I had arrived to get ready for the show wearing my MAGA hat, I would have been heckled and possibly asked to leave. Heck, I don’t even think I would have been invited to perform if the organizers knew that I support President Trump.

When I perform in Utah, in almost every drag show, President Trump, Conservatives and religious people (especially Mormons) are insulted and mocked. At one drag show, the Queen hosting said, “We need to remember that half of America doesn’t believe in our right to be here!”


All of my Conservative and religious friends fully support my right to be a Gay Drag Queen. The idea that Conservatives hate gays is total and complete B.S.

In another recent drag show, two performers dressed up as Hitler and President Trump and proceeded to mock our President in a filthy number that was unbelievably offensive.

But Conservatives in the audience (such as my niece) didn’t dare to speak out. Imagine if the skit had been Hitler and Barack Hussein Obama. People would have stood up, protested, and walked out to go home and attack the performers on social media.

This is where we are right now.

Let me share another example of the LGBT Cult and the vengeance they take on dissenters:

Recently on the Candace Owens show (love Candace!) Mario Lopez said that he thinks it’s not a good idea to confuse a three-year-old child by encouraging them to be “transgender.” Let’s keep in mind that what he said was far from offensive. We all know that three-year-olds are incapable of making decisions about their gender and sexuality. Most three-year olds are too busy licking their runny noses and hiding behind the couch when they poop.

So Mario did nothing more than state the obvious. But then the Leftist LGBTQIA+ cult came for him!  He backed down and said:

“The comments I made were ignorant and insensitive, and I now have a deeper understanding of how hurtful they were. I have been and always will be an ardent supporter of the LGBTQ community, and I am going to use this opportunity to better educate myself. Moving forward I will be more informed and thoughtful.”

Really? It’s hurtful to say that three-year-olds should not question their gender?

Shame on Mario. But can you blame him? He’s in the world of Hollywood elitists who bow down to the militant LGBT Cult no matter what. Perhaps he would have lost his contracts…perhaps he received threats against his family….who knows? Still, Mario. You gave in. You let us down (but you’re still freaking hot and I’ve loved you since Saved by the Bell).

This deplorable situation with Mr. Hottie Lopez fully illustrates the dangers of the LGBT Cult.

Isn’t it depressing? To bring us back to a place of hope, let me finish my story about my Star Spangled Banner performance.

So I knew that performing to the Star Spangled Banner in front of an LGBT audience was a risk. When I first started the song, the audience was somewhat quiet. But as I went on, the crowd joined in and sang our National Anthem in unison with me. It was powerful. It was beautiful! This experience showed me that regular LGBT people love America, and we’re not all members of the anti-American LGBT cult.

After the performance, many people came up to me and shared how meaningful it was to see our National Anthem performed in a Pride show. One girl cried, and said that she and her Lesbian partner are Conservatives, own guns, and voted for President Trump. She cried because for the first time, she realized that she was not alone. That was amazing. And here I am now—LADY MAGA—ready to re-create this magic moment over and over again.

People are waking up.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to put down the LGBT kool-aid, freshen our make-up, pull up our tight skinny jeans, sprinkle on a little glitter, throw on some heels, flip our hair and start #ComingOutConservative