We are hoping that LGBT Conservatives will join us and know that they are not alone, and that they no longer need to stay silent. We invite all Conservatives—Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents—to join us and show America that Conservatives are not homophobic bigots as portrayed by the leftist media. And if you, unlike me, do not support President Trump, that’s okay! This is not a Trump rally.

We also invite our Democrat friends to come and get to know us. We believe that one of the main problems facing America right now is a lack of respectful dialogue between opposing parties. If you come, you’ll be welcomed and you’ll have a great time. We do not seek to shut down our opposition. Of course, we ask that all interactions be respectful and dignified.

With music, lights, photo ops, food, cocktails, meet-and-greets, political information tables, and other fun activities, this event is going to be spectacular. The Desert Star Theater is known for hosting incredible theatrical productions. We’re so happy to be at this beautiful venue!

And, drumroll….since I will be hosting, I’ll also be performing! I’m a high-energy Drag Queen and fans of drag will not be disappointed, and many people who have never seen a Drag Queen will definitely leave with a new perspective!

We’re also looking for other artists who may wish to perform. Email us at admin@ladymagausa.com.

Admission to this celebration is free, but of course, funding the event required a decent amount of money. From securing a venue to paying for food, we have invested a lot. Donations will be welcomed at the door to help us fund this event as well as future events—one of them being a completely family-friendly Pride Celebration next Summer.  We want to create a Pride event where people can bring their friends and family members without fear of having them exposed to inappropriate attire, language, or displays, as is unfortunately the case with traditional Pride Month festivities.

Please tell your friends and family about this event. Bring everyone! The event will be entirely family-friendly. As per Desert Star Theater policy, no infants or toddlers, please.

Pick up your phone or grab a pen, and mark your calendar! See you September 6th!

RSVP to admin@ladymagausa.com. Seating is limited.



Event Details (Link here)